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Practicing Family Law at Our Media, PA Office

The Law Offices of Robert E. O’Connor, P.C. understand the pain and stress that can accompany the legal matters in family law. Our Media, PA practice handles every case with compassionate for your suffering as we strive to close the process with as little difficulty as possible. We can assist you with the processes of divorce and custody with all the factors they entail. Finding a successful resolution to your marriage’s termination is paramount to the happiness and welfare of all parties, especially when you have children to consider. Mr. O’Connor’s thorough knowledge of divorce law and custody in the state of Pennsylvania works in your favor.

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Divorce Services for Your Best Interests

In the case of a divorce, you need to safeguard your rights and best interests as the agreement is negotiated. Mr. O’Connor is a highly-skilled attorney with decades of experience dealing with the various circumstance of divorces. Your case could be an uncontested no-fault divorce with civil discussions and an absence of animosity on both sides, in which case we’ll make sure the paperwork is verified correct and submitted properly. After your marriage has been officially terminated, you could require post-divorce modifications to the agreement for one of many different reasons. The Law Offices of Robert E. O’Connor, P.C. take care of our client’s welfare and interest as their relationship closes and the property and assets get divided and distributed.

Legal Counsel for Custody Cases

Your children are everything to you, and Mr. O’Connor knows the extreme value of their welfare and happiness. The Law Offices of Robert E. O’Connor, P.C. assist clients with various issues involved in custody proceedings, including out-of-court agreements, custodial time, third-party custody, parental kidnapping, and more. Our priority is to protect your rights as a parent and the welfare of your children. For your divorce and custody cases, make sure to call Mr. O’Connor for your attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your children.

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