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A Media, PA Attorney for Estate Law Matters

To ensure your wishes are carried out upon death or incapacitation, you need an attorney with experience in estate law. Located in Media, PA, the Law Offices of Robert E. O’Connor, P.C. has a thorough understanding of Pennsylvania’s estate laws. Mr. O’Connor can help you deliberate and finalize the management and distribution of your properties and assets. Estate planning can also establish your wishes for financial management and healthcare decisions upon death or incapacitation. Our exceptional attorney will work with you for an in-depth understanding of your directives to expertly draft the appropriate legal documents for a living will, power of attorney, and your will to determine the distribution of your assets and personal belongings. This can also include the management of any taxes or fees you leave behind.

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Factors to Consider for Estate Planning

The Law Offices of Robert E. O’Connor, P.C. has extensive knowledge and experience assisting clients to organize and establish their estate planning. Mr. O’Connor’s legal services cover a wide range of estate concerns.

Power of Attorney

This reliable method of establishing another person to manage your finances protects your welfare if you lose the ability to make sound decisions for your investments, bank account, and other financial holdings. A durable financial power of attorney secures your decision because it can’t be changed over time or if you become disabled in some way.

Wills and Trusts

A will is a legal document that establishes an individual’s wishes for how their properties and assets get managed and distributed in the case of death. It’s crucial that you have an attorney with vast experiences in will and trusts to handle the drafting and publication of your will, so it will be legally recognized.

Advanced Healthcare Directive

This legal document is also called a living will, and an individual prepares it with their trust attorney like Mr. O’Connor to specify what they wish to have done in the case that a physical or mental incapacity removes their ability to make a decision on their own healthcare. This document is comprised of both a Healthcare Power of Attorney and a living will.

Intestate Succession

Chapter 21—Intestate Succession Laws in Pennsylvania stipulate that without a will and upon your death, some of your assets can automatically transfer to your nearest relative. However, these laws only affect assets that were legally in your name that and you owned exclusively. Our attorney will help you navigate the specifics of which beneficiaries get what.

Dependable Legal Service for Your

The sure way to secure your desired management or your assets, financial responsibilities, and even your healthcare is through estate planning with attorney Robert E. O’Connor. His knowledge of estate law ensures thorough drafting of your legal documents like a will or power of attorney. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your estate concerns.

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